Saturday, January 12, 2013

All that world change, yo...

I am TIRED. So tired! I volunteered today working on the revamping of the inside of a transition home for women. It looks great and they're hoping to get it open by the end of January or sometime in February. I really cannot wait, and I hope I can volunteer at the home, too.

So yeah, I painted the downstairs bedroom with a woman and then I cleaned some windows and then I worked outside, trimming some bushes. It was hard work, but the painting was the best part especially because it was purple - my favorite color!

Coming back home with the woman who gave me a ride there, we had to stop at Home Depot so she could pick up some stain for a piece of furniture and that gave me the opportunity to pick up some paint swatches thingies of all the different colors in that group. I would LOVE to paint the living room or my bedroom, or both!! Too bad paint is like $25 a gallon -_- I also am probably going to move out in a year or so to live with my boyfriend and as it is now I'm only at home over vacations so it's like, what's the point? However, it would be nice to redo the room anyway in case my mom decides to use it after I move out. And I'm also living in my room for three months over the summer so it's not like it'd totally go to waste...

But it's been a long day, anyway. It felt great to volunteer and start living "Me to We". I'm also almost done with my observation hours, so I'm going up to the house again on Thursday and maybe on Saturday again! There's definitely a lot that needs to be done and there are also people who volunteer there every day. I have confidence it can be done!! I can't wait to go back there after it's all finished and see the final product :)

This week has seriously been so crappy just with anxiety and everything but I do feel better today. It was nice to get out of the house and not worry about anything but the paint or the plants or what have you. I needed it! Even though I'm exhausted, I feel enlivened on the inside!

Karen xx
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