Monday, January 14, 2013

That Me to We Life, man...

I am tired. I am so tired that I considered not writing tonight but I want to stay in the habit so I did.

So yeah, as you all (whomever you are who reads  my blog) know, this past week sucked and the weekend started off pretty well, although my mom and I got into a shouting match yesterday over - wait for it - cookies.

My neighbors had to put their down down this past Friday and it's taken a toll on all of them, especially the mother. She's had Dwight from the very beginning and the middle child, Ellie, is also taking it particularly hard. So I asked my mom if we could bake cookies for them and she agreed, although she doesn't like spending the extra money on cookie mix. I know we're on a tight budget, but three extra bucks isn't going to break the bank.

Later that evening we were talking and I mentioned that we have neighbors that moved here last year and we don't even know them. Now, I might be young but I'm old school in some aspects, one of which is being neighborly and introducing yourself to your neighbor. I am also fairly shy when it comes to those things, so work that one out. But hey, I think I shared with you all that one of my goals is to start to live more "Me to We", and a nice gesture can be bringing cookies to a neighbor to start a feeling of community. 

Well, my mom flipped. She said that she doens't have the money to be baking cookies right and left (although we have cookies almost every week or every few days) and when I suggested that maybe we could use one of our mixes and use it for the "new" neighbors she said, Karen, I was walking down the street and I waved to them and they didn't wave back so why would I bother doing something nice for people that don't even wave back?

There are so many things wrong with that sentance that I don't even know where to begin. So because someone didn't wave back or was maybe caught off guard by it, you're not even going to TRY again to be nice?? Who knows, maybe they were having an off day. Maybe they didn't know we were their neighbors. Maybe they're shy. I DON'T KNOW. The fact of the matter is, is that just because of ONE EVENT you don't just cut off all niceities and hold a grudge.

My mother is very grudge oriented and has a very hard time letting things go. She's still mad at the lunch lady from when I was seven for not letting me get lunch because I'd forgot my money. I turned out ok, I think. I try to live and let live as best as I can and I really, REALLY want to start living Me to We. Woman, why are you ruining my groove??? Seriously.

I also posted a status on facebook a week or so ago asking people to like my status and I'd do a random act of kindness. I got 11 likes, so I guess I'd better get cracking! The cookies are one of the acts. I guess volunteering is another! Heyyy, that's two so far! :)

Also, I know it's not much to complain about, but the internet at my house has been SO SLOW. And for someone who watches a LOT, a lot a lot of online tv, it's been hell hahaha. Well, school on Sunday!! 

I gotta go make my lunch for tomorrow. 

K xx
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