Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

Okay, okay, I know it sounds dramatic, but this week has been hard! It's not even Saturday and I'm already exhausted. I only had class Wednesday and Thursday, too! Gosh. Wednesday I had my spanish Topics class, where we'll be reading some plays and I need to do a lot of reading for Monday. I also had my special ed class wednesday night for 2.5 hours, but I only have it once a week and that's why it's so long. I need to do 40 hours of observation for that but I already talked to the professor and she said I can do it at the end of the semester. It's so much more worth it to do it then than to stress over it during the semester. Thursday I had my anthropology of women class, and I'd had the same professor last semester and she's amazing and I'm very excited.  We're doing a group project though, which is going to take a while and I'm sure be stressful. For my topics class we also need to do a presentation (or two, I'm not sure if it's just one) and we have papers to write as well. Also on Thursday I have phonetics of spanish and I know the people in the class, but not well. I also don't have the book, although I ordered it on Thursday, but I have homework due tuesday and the book isn't estimated to arrive until wednesday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I also have my creative techniques education class on thursday and -- SURPRISE! Another group project, plus homework - HOMEWORK - for every class or almost every. 

Oh, my God.

However, I also....

PASSED MY EARLY CHILDHOOD MTEL!!!!  It is such a relief off of my shoulders and now I can continue on and take my final one that I need to get admitted into the education program. It's a hassle, and an expensive one at that. But hey - I PASSED!!

My friend went to Kuwait over the break because she has family there and she got me a beautiful scarf and blue Islamic prayer beads which are soooo pretty. They're for counting the number of times you say Thank God, Praise God, or God is great a day. So thoughtful and touching and just very wonderful. She also got me a keychain from Canada, where her friend got married. She also offered me the opportunity to come with her to Kuwait next winter for two weeks! Her parents said they would provide me with everything as long as I paid for my own plane ticket. WHATTTTT. I am totally going; I cannot wait!!

This is going to be a busy semester. I definitely won't be able to update every day but I'll do my best to do it as much as possible. The Interfaith Movement is going to have some wonderful activities this semester and the first meeting is coming up February 4th. I'm so nervous and excited to see how it goes!!

Love and peace,
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