Saturday, January 5, 2013

What a relief!

So, my mom and I went to the bank this morning (I'm trying out new fonts, do you like? I quite like this one, it's much easier to read! Anyway...) and four out of my five fees got waived! The guy who helped me was so nice and I know I am very lucky. So, only (!!) $87 had to come out of my savings and my mom was very nice and put $20 in my account so I'm not at zero dollars. My uncle Mike was very gracious yesterday and when I told him what happened, he offered to help me if I needed it. So, my mom suggested that I could ask him for $90, the cost of what came out of my savings, and $50, for my phone bill next month, a grand total of $140. I was going to ask him but she got to him first today and he said he would. Yay! So, at least I'm not totally poor anymore. Well, yes I am, but I'm not in the red anymore. Whew!

I have to be really careful with what I spend now. I've never been overdrawn before recently and it is scary! I'm going to try to get another job on campus next semester and be more dilligent about putting money into my savings. I also want to be come an international orientation leader, which would be right before fall semester and spring semester next year, and when I get home from school I'm going to apply to become a sub for the school system which is great because it pays per session, basically.

I hung out with an old friend today, who I basically get to see twice a year because we're both in college and we watched the first Pirates of the Carribbean, the best one in my opinion. I'm going to eat dinner now, and then watch Jeopardy, have tea, watch 27 dresses and possibly crochet. I deserve a fantastic night in, dammit. We'll also see if I can get up (HA...HAHAHAHAHA) for church tomorrow at the Unitarian church a ways down the street for me. 10:30, we don't meet too often. I would love to go and check it out but just...setting an alarm...what a predicament, eh? May that be the least of my problems.

Very grateful for the good things that happened today! And now, dinner. I am also grateful for the food I have to eat.

Karen xx :)
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