Monday, February 18, 2013

A good day today

Well, I got up late and had lunch with my boyfriend and his parents, and I had a pizza (okay...I know it sounds bad, but hear me out). We went to a local, equal exchange, organic cafe and the pizza was VERY thin, on a tortilla, and it had tomato sauce and cheese. So the crust is super thin and I know that the owner does a very good job picking good ingredients. 

I hung around for a bit, and then I worked out doing this video:

It's a dance party and it was heavy enough that I broke a sweat, but light enough that I didn't feel like I was dying. AND AND AND it's the first workout I've been able to get through in like...forever. It's only half an hour, so it's not too time consuming and it's FUN!! So many dance workouts are just cardio in disguise and you know it, too. I knew this was cardio but it was so fun and easy I didn't even care. It was just dancing, and I'd missed that.

Then I went to dinner. I got: Chicken Dialotini (spelling??? Some Italian tubular pasta thingy) which was only 90 cals and had 2.5 grams of fat. Pretttttyyyy good, right? And it was yummy. I also got a plate and filled it with 1 part brocolli, 1 part cucumbers, 1 part hummus, and 1 part red kidney beans. I put red wine vinegar on the veggies and some pepper and another spice mix, too. I didn't finish the whole plate but it's a lot easier than making a salad, lemme tell you. I also had 1 small piece of whole grain bread, for my grains, and 3 watermelon pieces. I also had water, and I brought a banana and apple back to my dorm with me. 

I feel good about myself! For the first time in a long time :) Here's to small changes and small progress!

K xx

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