Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keep calm and.....

So last night I couldn't fall asleep for a while because I hadn't been anxious at all for the past few days and obviously my brain decided that I need SOMETHING to be worried about. Luckily, I had my boyfriend there to hug me and trace my face until I fell asleep, which I did after a bit. I woke up this morning (I mean....afternoon) asking myself what's holding me back to becoming healthier and losing weight?

I mean really, what is it? I can make excuses all I want, but in the end it comes down to me. I need to lose approx. 50 lbs, a little bit more than that, if I want to get down to a healthy weight for my height. Everyone who loses weight is like, I lost 10 POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS (insert this face here):

And it really discourages me, actually, because it seems like I can never do that. Little do they know, though, is that they will probably gain it all back because healthy weight loss does NOT happen that fast. I'm aiming for 1lb a week, which will take me a little bit under a year. ONE YEAR. I can do that, right? It'll be hard at college, because of the food situation, and it'll be hard at home during the summer because, well....heat. Ick. No one likes running or working out when it's hot outside. Ew. However, I'll make it work. I have to!

So I'm going to record my food here and my workouts. 
Today I ate: 
1/2 of a small bowl of salad with greek dressing (brocolli, cukes, red kidney beans, feta)
Sandwich - Whole wheat bread, yellow mustard, 2 slices bologna, 2 slices turkey, 2 slices provologne, pickles (which have essentially no calories).
Choc. Pudding

Today I worked out:
30 mins - Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred
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