Sunday, February 10, 2013

snowpocalype, meditation, and a sleeping boyfriend

Hello....everyone. Seriously, does anyone read this? If so, hello. If not, well then I guess I'm just venting my feelings out to the universe, huh?

I figured I'd make a post while I wait for my Chakra balancing and healing mediation to load fully. We had a massive snowstorm here in MA this past Friday - Saturday, and my university lost power Friday around 11:30pm until Saturday around 8 pr 9. It was nice to be able to shower, to say the least! The internet is back up, but today it's running slower than usual so I've had to stop my mediation at least three times to wait for it to load. My chakras must be impatient by now. 

I've been trying to do well with healthy eating and stuff, but I have to admit that I've been drinking soda (diet Pepsi, to be exact) on occasion again when I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I don't have anything else with me. I guess I'll just have to be more prepared and fill up my water bottle so I can bring it with me for my night class. Last week I had a huge breakdown and I realized that basically, I'm mad at myself for letting me get so unhealthy and achy and unfit. It's hard for me to even work out sometimes because my shoes hurt so bad. That's not because of me, that's just because of Nike's crappy company. I honestly think they've seriously damaged my feet - sometimes when I get up at the end of class, my feet are so stiff it hurts to walk, and I'm not even wearing my sneakers then. Grrrrr. So yeah, I basically just got mad at myself but I'm going to go little by little and at least try to work out a small bit. I did a veeeeery short workout today, only about 10 - 15 minutes, because the internet crapped out on me and nothing would load. UGH. Maybe tomorrow I can do better. I really need to find a good workout that works for me. I love love LOVE Zumba, but it's hard for me to do it in my room because it's tiny, and the times on campus are so inconsistent. I seriously can't wait until I can afford a gym membership and I can just use the damn elliptical.

Tony's having a nap right now, and I honestly feel like doing the same. I don't know WHY I'm so tired, but after my "workout" I just felt like my eyes couldn't stay open. However, starting the chakra meditation is helping me feel more energized. If only I could finish it....

Last night was fun. I hung out with my friends McKayla and my new friend Katie, who I'd seen around but never hung out with. She did Tarot cards for me, and mine basically said that a teacher's going to come into my life, and that I need to do a lot of introspection to help me get through the rough patch I'm going through right now. They were pretty vague because I didn't ask a specific question, but one of the cards said that I had recently gone through a period of extreme confusion and conflict and it had left me unsettled. That was weird because it was SPOT ON. Later, I was talking to her about my Gram who passed away this summer and she started asking me questions about her. The first one was, did she have dark hair? Yes, she did. Was it wavy/curly and framed her face? Yes, it was. Did she wear a piece of gold jewelry all the time? Yes, her wedding ring. Those were just some of the questions but it was really freaking amazing. Apparently my Bubba came to say hi, as well. They're both totally fine and dancing it up on the other side. I was suspicious at first, but both Katie and McKayla have psychic ability and special...skills, let's just say. So I decided to go with it. 

Well, my mediation's done loading. I think I'm going to finish that and then go to sleep!! 

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