Friday, May 31, 2013

Smoothies and herbs

So I decided to write today in the hope that telling you all what I plan on doing today might motivate me a little more!

However, let's go back to the end of this semester.

Two posts ago, I listed all the things that I needed to be done for finals! And yes, I did complete them all (by the skin of my teeth)! I also got my grades for this semester and I didn't get below a B-, even in Spanish Phonetics, which was REALLY hard! My other Spanish literature class was also a killer, but I got a B- in that as well. Phew!! So yes, I did everything and I think the reason I feel so unmotivated is because I'm just so exhaused. Schoolwork and stress is hard stuff! Seriously, anyone who thinks a college student doesn't work hard needs to be plopped in the middle of a class 4 weeks before finals and then they'll learn just how much work professors like to give students. I also think professors need to become students again, just because some of the things they do is outrageous. But I digress.

Today, I think, I'd like to update my Book of Shadows and move things to a binder so they can be easily accessed and I can use dividers instead of crappy little post-it notes. I'm also planning on showering today (big accomplishment :P) and shaving my legs. I would like to not go outside, but the herbies need watering and maybe I'll take some pictures for you all!!! Actually, after I'm done typing this, I think that's the first thing I'll do :D Later today, I'm meeting up with a friend so we can get dinner at Tenoch, the lovely Mexican place down the street from me. Seriously good!!

So yeah, that is my day today. Oh, and can I also mention that I made a great smoothie this morning, although I think I broke my blender because of the ice, whoops. Yesterday I made apple lemon lime celery and today I made strawberry lemon with some cranberry pomegranate juice with celery. Honestly, for being so mild, celery can really leave a big taste! It was DELICIOUS though!! I am so happy that I have the time to make smoothies. Seriously, one of the reasons I don't want to start working is because I just have so much time and I love it. But alas, money is an issue.

Alright, I'm off.

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