Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Blues

I'm not supposed to have blues during the summer, right?? Well, I do. And it sucks. While I don't have depression I've been feeling extremely unmotivated to find a job and also very nervous because this is the first summer where I don't have a steady job lined up.

All the the jobs I see that are available are sales associate jobs, which is something that I definitely don't really want to do. But if I have to, I will. I'd like to be a waitress, and my very good friend sent me a list of jobs she found today some of which were waitress jobs. Seriously, a HUGE thank you to her! It was so thoughtful of her to do that.

It's just been really difficult, and God only knows why I feel so unmotivated. I guess the end of the semester really took a toll on me. However, this weekend I'm going to fix my resume and get a list of places I want to call and ask if they're still hiring and then go in and fill out an application. Gotta get my butt into gear, especially because I have a phone bill to pay and I really hate having $30 in my bank account. 

I'm also mad at myself for my bad spending habits. Sigh.

On the plus side, I started to watch The Tudors and I'm really enjoying it. I'm on the fifth season of Doctor Who with Matt Smith (whom I actually really like in the role), and I just finished reading Hotel Babylon, based off a man's experience in a very posh London Hotel. While the characters and the Hotel are fictional, the story is based off the man's actual experiences. Pretty crazy! I'm also looking forward to reading some great books the summer. Seriously people, go to your public libraries! They are such wonderful resources and it's all for FREE!!

If you want to know what I plan on reading this summer, I have a Goodreads account which you are more than welcome to check out! I don't update it that much, but I do try, especially during the summer. 

I also did my first Wiccan ritual yesterday! It was so lovely. I did an Esbat ceremony, a ritual that celebrates the Goddess and the full moon (a feminine symbol) and also one to commemorate the women in my life. It was a FANTASTIC experience and I can't wait to do it again!

So yeah, there's my summer in a nutshell, in pictures:

(this one's an esbat ceremony if you didn't get the connection :P)


So yeah, that's it, plus work I hope! And seeing the boyfriend :D

I also started an herb garden so pictures might come later!!

Peace and Love,

Karen x

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