Sunday, June 2, 2013

I love my body, but health is hard.


I feel like death. I just finished working out after a couple (ahem, several...) weeks of being relatively inactive and I feel terrible right now. Short of breath (duh Karen, that's what happens when you work out), wobbly knees, etc. I did a metabolic workout and after 16 minutes my internet crapped out, nothing new there. I did three minutes of a running workout because I had it loaded but my internet stopped after that as well. So I mean, I guess 20 minutes? Sorta....

But yeah, I definitely didn't expect it to be that hard. The woman's workout that I usually do, Jessica Smith TV, are PHENOMENAL. She's a no shame type of person and if someone has to modify a move then that's perfectly fine! I really like her and her attitude generally, but this workout was just intense. She has some great dancing ones though and also walking workouts for low impact exercise, which I think is really considerate and nice.

So yeah, I'm trying to get back into the habit of working out consistently, but I always need to remind myself to take it slow. I also figured I'd take some "before" pictures to keep myself motivated. So here are my "befores":



I hardly ever post full body pictures, not because I hate myself, I just don't like posting my body all over the internet. I will never do a bra/shorts picture, EVER. I'm a big believer in modesty so this is probably all you'll get. 

But yeah, tomorrow I'll work out and do a fun dance workout, something to get me back in the groove. 

Today, so far, I had:

a small chocolate cupcake I made
chocolate chip scone
tea with three sugars and fat free 1/2 and 1/2

Not sure what I'm having for dinner yet!

EDIT: Had dinner, and I had spaghetti, salad with italian dressing, and a braided roll.

EDIT 2: I added some widgets down below, to follow me on google plus, and to follow my pinterest!! I've been updating it, so follow away! :)

I also promise I'll do herb garden pictures soon!!!

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