Monday, August 26, 2013

~30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6 - On Being Unemployed ~

Uh-oh. Yet another topic we're supposed to avoid like the plague in civilized conversation, right? Well, I'm going for it.

This summer is the first summer I've been unemployed since I was 15. From 15 - 20 I worked in a tourist center in Boston, giving directions, selling stuff, and being asked by said stuff was made in China (I can give you a long answer to that but do you really want to know??). I always had money over the summer and for the most part is lasted me throughout the year. Last summer, I nannied two kids who really didn't need a nanny and got paid under the table, which was great. This summer - NOTHING. 

And I panicked. What was I going to do? I had a phone bill to pay, although not much else since I still live at home (yay....).

As it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise. I realized I was becoming too dependent on money and the benefits of it. While it sucked having to ask my family for money to help me pay my bill, I realized that something always comes up to help. As I mentioned vaguely the past couple days, I was dog sitting and that came up very unexpectedly towards the end of the summer. I got paid, and it really just astounded me how that opportunity came through. So now I know - something always comes in the end and I just have to have a little faith in the Universe (And the Universe is going "Duh Karen, what did you expect??" *eyeroll*).

Being unemployed has given me the opportunity to enjoy my own time again. I've been going to the local library and getting books and DVD, and let me tell you - it is amazing having the time to read for leisure again! Even though I can do that at college too, I just feel like I never have the chance. I've read some great books this summer! I've also had the opportunity to work on my health, which is great. It's been wonderful just having "me" time, something which I feel is so important yet so many people neglect it day to day. 

Time for me to go watch some movies :D 

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