Thursday, August 29, 2013

~ 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9 - No Excuses! ~

Today, I was going to write about alcoholism and my experiences with having a family member who is an alcoholic, but I actually had a great day so I am deciding to talk about it instead!

I went to the animal shelter to volunteer with the kitties, and usually I would catch the bus and go straight home. I was waiting at the bus stop and then I thought, "Screw it. I haven't talked to my friend Margaret in over a year, and she lives right up the street - I'm going to give her a surprise visit!"

So I did. I walked up the street, rang her doorbell, and we talked for two and a half, maybe three hours, just sitting on her couch. We caught up! It was amazing, and we had a great discussion about the excuses people make to themselves to not catch up with someone. For example, she has a friend who is teaching in China, and she kept meaning to email him, but her only excuse was "I kept forgetting" and also a little bit of "I'm just being lazy". She said that she didn't want to email him with just that as an explanation, so she kept putting it off in the hopes that there would be something to give her an actual excuse. In doing so, she just kept waiting longer and longer to email. 

What would the world be like if we didn't make these excuses to ourselves? I think we could probably be more connected as people; less concerned about what people think of us and rather, we would be happy that our old friends got in touch with us or we got in touch with them. How many of us lose contact with old high school or college friends because "we're busy"?

We are so concerned with what our old friends will think of us that we forget that they're probably doing the same thing. And I believe that if someone is really my friend, they won't think badly of me in that way. It is true, people do get busy with life - work, bills, kids. But how much time do we spend by ourselves or just watching tv or browsing the Internet? Obviously it varies by person, but I would guess that in the time spent on blogger or reddit, pinterest or tumblr, an email or even a letter could be written to an old friend, asking how they are and what's going on in their lives.

Let's not make excuses, and let's try for us to be connected with each other. I made my connection today, and now I present this challenge to the public. For a while, stop caring what the other person will think of you - if you've been thinking of them, act upon it. Be spontaneous and remember that life is short! Too short for us to dwell on things instead of doing.

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