Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FREE Tarot readings giveaway until Aug. 19th!

Hi everybody! 

I'm starting to get really into Tarot and I love practicing with my deck and since I've been doing free tarot readings for people on Tumblr and Facebook, I decided I'd do a tarot reading giveaway for two people! 

The Rules:

1. Follow my blog on here
2. Share this post on Google+ (and invite your friends to do this, too!)
3. Leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you
4. NO LOVE LIFE READINGS. I'm sorry, but I am firm on this. 

What you'd get:

Two free readings of you choice plus an added one card pull for thought PLUS pictures of the cards that were pulled for visual reference. I wish I could offer more, but the time and the effort is really all that I have to offer right now. 

What types of readings can you do?
1. A one card pull (you get one as an added bonus, but you can also choose to use your other two readings for 2 daily one-cards)

2. A past-present-future spread

3. A three card-general advice spread

4. Any number of card pulls (up to five) on a certain issue.

5. The Celtic Cross (for decision and advice on an issue)

6. A 6 card spread - how you feel about yourself now, what you most want at this moment, fears, what is going for you, what is going against you, outcome.

7. A three card spread for reflections on this past week, how if affects this week, and what to work on for next week. 

8. Another request you might have, as long as it is not too complex (I am still learning!)

What I can offer you as a reader:

Genuine feedback about the cards and what they might mean. 


Boldness - I am not afraid to tell things as they are, especially since not all outcomes on Tarot are good.

No assumptions - I don't presume to know anything. I will definitely NOT tell you that things are going to happen a certain way or that something bad is going to happen for sure. Nothing is sure, life changes all the time.

Sensitivity - although I am not afraid to tell you exactly what the cards say, I can and will do so in a manner that is not harsh or judgmental.

Impartiality - I will not judge you for any issue that you choose to come to me with.


So that's that for the giveaway rules! To be clear: I will offer a one card pull automatically for "food for thought". This does not count as one of your other two spreads. If you wish, however, the other two CAN be a one card pull for two days straight.

I would also like to ask you all to please consider donating to me and my work. I do not like asking for money and I do not feel like Tarot should be exploited on. However, if any of you feel so inclined or feel like my efforts have been exemplary, please consider making a monetary donation through paypal to my email at ksargent717@yahoo.com. To do this, go to Paypal, then look under the Transfer tab and it says "send someone money". Then you can enter my email address! It truly is much appreciated, honestly. I am but a poor college student and if people feel like I deserve to be paid for my services, that is very wonderful :)

Now, get to it!

Karen :)

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