Saturday, August 24, 2013

~30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4 - I'm Happy and I Know It ~

Oh gosh. Good morning, everyone! I was up bright and early walking two doggies and now we're just waiting to go on our next walk.

So I realized that my last three entries have been...not so fun. I mean, they're fun for me because I enjoy talking about deep themes and feelings and so on, but maybe they haven't been super fun for all of you. I'm an intense person, I get into deep conversation quickly and it's one of my favorite things to do when I meet people. Forget all of this "get to know you" crap - I want to know your life story, your religious beliefs, and what you think about global issues such as poverty, sex trafficking, and homelessness. I enjoy and thrive off of listening to and learning about other people. 

I am a happy person, I swear. And I don't think about these deep themes all of the time....just mostly. So what are some of the other things I enjoy besides Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Justice? 

  • The TV show Pretty Little Liars - So. Much. Intrigue. A show for teenagers? I think not. There is just layers and layers of mystery and secrets. 
  • Doctor Who - oh, the themes. SO MANY THEMES ABOUT HUMANITY. I love it. 
  • Crisp fall days - I mean, scarves. Scarves, people! Also pumpkin lattes.
  • Pumpkin lattes - see above. The perfect companion to Fall.
  • Crocheting - heaven on Earth in a hook and yarn. 
  • Reading - I just finished J.K. Rowling's book after Harry Potter, Casual Vacancy
  • Watching baby videos on Youtube. Also, cat videos. And dog videos...
  • Hanging out with my boyfriend - YAY! The best person ever!
  • Watching movies - recently, I've been on a Marvel streak. I watched The Avengers and Captain America! I think I'm going to go for The Hulk next. 
Um...I'm sure there's more. Oh! Eating! I really enjoy eating, and the culture surrounding food and going out for a good meal. 

So yeah, I guess it's the simple things, right? I know that it's important to remember the little things amidst learning about all of the bad things in the world, and it's good to find a balance between everything as well! Remember to enjoy the simple things in life :)


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