Sunday, September 1, 2013

~ 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12 - New Semester! ~

So sorry I missed yesterday's challenge, I was super tired and went to a party at a friend's house. It was great! I got to catch up with her and her family and there was some great music provided by her dad's band. All in all, a good night!

I'm all moved in on campus, and it only took...7 hours! No, it was less. I went to dinner after all my stuff was moved in and I spent the three+ hours after that arranging, putting stuff away, and so on. Pictures to come! I figured I'd talk about my hopes and goals for this semester, since I haven't made a cohesive list yet. 

  • New members for the Interfaith Movement! Enough so that next year we can have an all new e-board and be a cohesive group!
  • All A's and B's. I have some hard classes, and I don't want any C's!
  • Hold at least two events this year with The Interfaith Movement
  • Do a Wiccan ritual in my dorm
  • Decorate more!
  • Do crafts as often as I can, and to crochet something for another person.
  • Work out at least three times a week
Hmm...honestly, there's not that much! Although I am a very motivated person, I try to go with the flow as much as I can. My classes for this semester are:

  • Arabic 1
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Anth. of the Middle East (that's not the exact name of the class but I keep forgetting it)
I think the class I'm most worried about is Biological Anth, since I'm absolutely horrible at Science and I've heard the professor isn't all that great. We'll see though! I apologize for the short and unoriginal post, but I have been super busy! I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow :)

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