Monday, September 2, 2013

~30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 13 - Crunch Time ~

Oh gosh. I really should have planned more of this challenge out! I've written some stuff down but here I am stressing at 11:40pm about what I should write because I'm under a deadline. And then it hits me - what's on my mind right now? Deadlines! 

I haven't figured out yet if I'm a person who works well or terribly under a deadline. Looking at me now, sitting at my desk, rubbing my temples and stressing about what I'm going to write, I would say that I'm absolutely horrific under a deadline. When classes start, however, I am absolutely fantastic at procrastinating and getting things done at the last minute. Is it my best work? Well, that's debatable. 

I wonder what makes us procrastinate about things in life, such as calling a friend (as I talked about in an earlier post), or getting work done, or whatever. Is it a fear of failure? With fear being such a huge part of our society and how we go about our daily lives, I'd say it's likely. I know that when I procrastinate I'm just worried about the outcome of what I'm going to do. 

Alright, I would write more, but I am totally exhausted. I've been running around all day today! I am going to leave you with this song by Mumford and Sons - Hopeless Wanderer. It's a song I've really been enjoying lately and I think that they have some great, powerful lyrics
. I hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend and any vacations/bbq's weren't too stressful!

I will hopefully have a better post tomorrow, although I will also be running around O.o

Sleep tight, everybody!


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