Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 17 - Photo Friday: Dorm Room Details! ~

I wanted to do Photo Friday last week, but I didn't bring my camera! So today I'll be showing you a bit of my dorm room and the suite that I'm sharing with two other girls. I figured I'd focus on the details of the suite instead of whole rooms! This is the lazy way of doing a blog post ;)

Here we go! First off:

My roommates and I went to Target and Ikea, and we were looking for cute throw pillows. We found these right as we were about to leave, and they're from the Feed charity, which provides food to Americans who need it. We liked the quote and loved that we were supporting something that's so needed :)

 Our curtains! They're sort of a blue flower splash thing. We had to get two panels, and I got so annoyed when I realized that they don't make the designs mirror images of each other! 

 My roommate Erika's poster of grand central station, that's hanging in the entryway of our suite. Please excuse the flash in the middle!

Bowl detailing in our tiny kitchenette (more like a small fridge, microwave, and a little bit of counter space).

 The french press I brought! I figured I would be all fancy and cute and make my coffee the hard way every morning, but Erika brought a Keurig so that idea went pretty much out the window.

 We have our corkboard where we write post-its and my roommate Maureen made a peace sign out of thumbtacks! I don't think we're ever going to pin things to the board because we don't want to ruin the design! :P

 Bathroom details - our shower curtain is a skyline! Which skyline, I'm not sure. But it's super cool!

Yummy-smelling soap! It's all fancy and foaming and stuff. 

Now, the details of my room! I actually found this wall hanging when I came back for summer vacation and cleaned out the old hamper that was in my room. This had never been opened, so I took it! Since I'm part Scottish and I love history, I figure it's appropriate.

My faaaaavorite perfume. My friend Katie had this perfume when I was younger and I loved it, so I asked for it one Christmas and I got it. Even though perfume is super expensive, I've had this for over five years now so I like to think it was a good investment on my mom's part. Does perfume have an expiration date? I hope not...

 My "bracelet bowl" - those are just the ones that couldn't fit in the green container! On top is a beaded bracelet that I got a the Pow Wow that they hold at my school every November, and down below are three of those jelly bracelets - one says "smoke free zone" (it was anti-pot week at my school last year), another is "Erase the Hate" from the Holocaust Museum, and the third that's hidden in the middle is for the organization Free The Children.
These are the prayer beads that my friend Manara got me from Kuwait, where here parents live. Whenever she goes back she gets me something! The purpose of these beads in Islam are to count how many times you say "thank God" or "praise God" or something along those lines each day. I use them for protection in my room!  
 My altar! The two containers in the back don't actually have candles in them, although they would usually have tealights. I also have incense there but I can't light it because of the smoke detectors in my room and in the suite. The card in the top middle is a picture my friend got me when she went to Jamaica and it's a nice representation of the god and goddess. In the middle is my black offering plate and around it are the four stones I use to represent the elements! 

 A closeup of my pendulum! In the top right is a design that looks like a woman and a cow, and that's a representation of the God and Goddess. The woman is represented as "Gaia", the embracing mother earth figure, and the god has the horns as the "green man" in the forest. 

 A closeup of my candle and the beaded holder I have :)

 Another gift from Manara! This says "Alhamduillah" in Arabic calligraphy which means "praise God" or "thank God". It's a nice reminder for me to count my blessings. 

 Windowsill details! My plants, my morter and pestle that I use to crush up herbs, a green container that sometimes holds candles and othertimes just looks nice, and my purple amethyst cluster which is great for keeping negative energy away from a location. You can also see the Sysco truck outside my window and the dumpsters. 
 Detailing on the stones in between the plants. These both came from my friend Kim and they are both things that keep me grounded on a daily basis. Sometimes I forget how strong I can be, as in, how much resilience I have, and I also worry a lot. These gifts were super thoughtful and they are very peaceful :)

 Big plant detail! I forget what this one is called, but my mom got it for me before I left for school this year. It's really lovely!

 More plant detail.

My window decorations! I am sooooo ready for fall! This is also the view I have outside my window (yay....). It's in the back of the dining hall so sometimes there will be people down there or people on the roof trying to fix things. There's also noise coming from the dumpsters often. But hey, I get a LOT of light which is fantastic! 

So there you have it, little bits of my dorm room. I hope you enjoyed seeing a tiny bit of my college life and if anyone who is in college reads this, maybe I gave you ideas of your own :) Happy Friday, everyone!!

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