Monday, September 9, 2013

~30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20 - Future Talk! ~

Hello everybody! I am totally not quitting on this blog challenge, although it is getting a little more difficult with the semester going full steam ahead. I'm taking a quick break from my reading to write this, and then I have to go back and cry in my chair as I sob over just how much information I actually have to take in.

This semester has started off pretty well, although I have little anxieties in the back of my head because my boyfriend is graduating this spring. Yay Tony!! *throws confetti* However, this has brought a whole lot of "future thoughts" into my head about him (where's he going to live? Is he going to be able to get a job? etc) to me (what should I be looking for in a job? Where am I going to live? Will we be able to afford an apartment together?)

I know I shouldn't worry about a lot of this stuff; that it just sort of works itself out with time. I am not the type of person that can do that! Worrying is part of who I am and it's definitely in my nature to freak out over a lot of things. I'm trying to learn to take things in stride, but it is very scary and I know I can't let it consume me.

Worries aside, Mabon is coming up, which is like the "Pagan Thanksgiving". It's a time to appreciate the harvest and the start of fall and to start preparing for the winter ahead. I have a cool craft planned, so stay tuned for that!! 

Now, I need to go finish my Anthropology of Religion reading! 

Talk soon,
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