Friday, November 8, 2013

* Break a Bad Habit Spell!! *

Hello everyone, and bright blessings to you all. I just wrote this spell (all by myself - what whaaaat!) because I didn't find many to help someone break bad habits. I'm writing this during the time after Samhain, where letting go of old things and making room for the new is the theme of the Wheel at this time! So please enjoy this spell, feel free to take it and share, but please give credit where it's due!! 

Banish Bad Habits Spell
To get rid of negative habits that stop you from achieving your goals and your highest potential. Ex – self-depreciation, excessive overeating, eating lots of junk food, drinking too much, etc.
Moon Phase/Season:
Optional, but ideally casted after a new moon during after Samhain, the time of the year when things start to die.
You Will Need:
Writing Utensil
Paper cut into pieces – as many as is needed for however many habits you want to banish
A sheet of paper, or a journal
1. Write down the bad habits that you want to be rid of. Think about and visualize to yourself all of the ways that these habits are making life hard or stopping you from getting to your goals. Really examine your desire to be rid of this habit, until you can feel the desire to be rid of it rising within you.
2. As you feel the desire to be rid of the bad habit(s), chant:
Bad habits, go away
I will not give you the time of day.
I will improve my daily life
You shall never cause me strife!
Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
As it is willed, so mote it be!

Repeat as many times a necessary to really emphasize the point! 

Rip up the papers and either throw them away (I put mine in a plastic container with some salt to neutralize the bad energy) , bury them, or burn them to release the negative energy!

3. Now, visualize all the ways that getting rid of this habit will make your life better – what will your life look like without this habit? Think about the future, and imagine yourself happy/healthy/successful without these bad habits holding you back! Take a little bit of time and write about how not having these bad habits will make you feel. Store this paper somewhere you will remember and look at it when the urge to give in to the bad habit(s) arises again!

That’s it! Blessed be!
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