Sunday, November 24, 2013

~Free Printable!!~ Thanksgiving placecards!

Hello everyone! It's almost thanksgiving, so I decided to make place cards for those of you who have big family parties!

The size of these are 4x6, and two of them will fit in a word document. To print them two to a page:
1. Right click on the image and choose "save as" and save it in a location that works for you.
2. Open a word document.
3. Find where you saved the image, and open it in whatever picture viewer you have. Right click on it and select "copy".
4. Paste onto your word document, and make the text wrapping "square" so you can move it so two will fit on one page!

 Cardstock works best to print these, but do whatever works for you! I made them so you can write in the names of your guests, because that gives a nice personal touch :)


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