Friday, December 6, 2013

15 Unique Holiday Centerpieces!

Now that it's after Thanksgiving, I feel like it's appropriate to bust out the holiday-themed posts! I have to say, I'm pretty excited. I'm also doing something I've never done before, and that's compile a list for you all about some of the prettiest and most unique DIY table centerpieces for your holiday celebrations! Let's get started!

1. A beautiful tree made out of recycled sheet music! 

Instructions here.

2. Mason jars, cranberries, pine-boughs, water, and a tealight is all you need to make this beautiful candle centerpiece! 

Instructions here.

3. Candles tied with cinnamon (I really like candles, ok? Just go with me here!)

Easy, pretty, and they smell delicious! Learn how to do this here.

4. Glittery pine cones! 

I couldn't find the original directions, but you get the idea - go out and gather some pine cones, spray paint them pretty colors, and find a nice container to show everybody how beautiful they are :) A compilation of pine cones here.

5. Ornaments in jars! 

I couldn't find a blog post for this, but you get the idea! Fake snow optional :) 

6. Mini evergreen tree centerpiece! 

For those of you that want some natural decoration! Blog post here.

7. Candy canes!

For those of you who have a sweet tooth (or children coming over for the holidays - this will be sure to keep them happy!). Original post here.

8. Candy canes and candles, two recurring themes around here :) 

Delicious and beautiful! Original post here.

9. Rustic holiday lantern

Although this picture comes from an Etsy shop, the materials they used are listed and I'm sure you'd be able to recreate your own (and make it even better!). If you would like to order one, here is the shop. 

10.  Classic wreath

This woman gives step by step instructions as to how she did her wreath, so you can modify it to whatever you want! Instructions here.

11. Succulent Terrarium 

This is so cute! This is also from Etsy, but it would be pretty easy to make your own! Succulents are easy to care for and they need minimal attention. 

12. Yule Log centerpiece (You'll need a big table for this one!) 

There are no instructions, but you get the idea. This is great for any of you who celebrate Yule or for those who just want some lovely nature in their dining room :)

13. "Noel" 

This looks lovely! Blog post here.

14. A new take on the classic ornament tablescape! 

How awesome is that?? Link here.

Last but not least....

15. Empty Kleenex boxes! 

And you can decorate them whatever way you like! 

I hope I gave you some fun ideas for your holiday tables this year! Be bold, be brave, be different. :)

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