Friday, December 6, 2013

*FREE Yule printable card!!* 5x7

Hello everybody!

I've recently been learning how to make cards and labels, so I decided to try it out and make a Yule printable greeting card at a friend's suggestion! I've uploaded it here as a picture, but here's what you do if you want to print it as a card:

1. Right click on the picture and choose "Save as". Choose the folder you want it to go to and download it. Keep that folder open.

2. Open a Word document go to the "Page Layout" tab and choose "Landscape". 

3. Drag the photo into the word document. 

4. Print on cardstock or whatever other paper you want, and then trim to size! This card is made to be mailed as a single sheet, although you can fold it if you want! The size of this card is 5x7, so make sure you choose an envelope that fits it! 


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